Thing 6: reflective practice

After (finally) finishing Thing 5 – it’s really hard to get back into these things once you’ve stopped! – I’ve returned to at least try and get the Visual Communicator badge. I really thought I’d be able to balance this project with my work and hobbies, but I was wrong – I underestimated how long it would take. Initially I was really disappointed in myself and decided to ditch the whole thing, but having thought about it for a while I realise it’s OK to not be able to say yes to everything. Even if I don’t get all the badges, I can continue the Things at my own pace and learn the skills I need.

Hopefully that’s a quick example of reflective practice, which I’m now going to try to apply to one of my previous Things. I’ve chosen Thing 3 for this – you can find what I did for Things 4 and 5. This may not be the best work I’ve done since I’ve left it so long…then again, it might be good to look back on things with a fresh pair of eyes. I’ve just finished the taught component of an education qualification which was really heavy on reflection, and now that I’m starting chartership I feel like I should be getting better at it…we’ll see!

Thing 3 – image banks

I was excited to try Thing 3 – attributing images has not been my strong point previously, but now that I work in an academic library and post to blogs/social media I realise that I need a better understanding of this. I gathered several images on cellos, which you can find here. Although I found what I needed, I did struggle with some of the search filters and ways of finding things. However, my previous usage of Pixabay helped me to make sense of things, so I came through it quite easily.

However, I now realise that I haven’t actually made use of Flickr like I should have done (and like I said I would!). This might be because I’m happier sticking with what I know (in this case, Pixabay) and with what’s done at my institution. However, I know that some of the Flickr images are excellent quality, so why haven’t I suggested this to my work? I think it’s because of my continuing questions around copyright – I’m still not au fait with this and I don’t want to make myself look daft offering up a clearly invalid option. If I’d been more confident about copyright, I would have felt better about this Thing.

On reflection, this has shown me that instead of just focusing on the end result (in this case, pretty pictures), I need to have a better, more fundamental issues surrounding the idea (copyright). To do this, I’ll re-read Creative Commons licences and try and understand what they actually mean! This will also help me become more confident in my social media duties at work . However, I also managed to pick up a new platform/software fairly easily, so that’s a positive to take away and continue improving on.


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