Thing 6: reflective practice

After (finally) finishing Thing 5 - it's really hard to get back into these things once you've stopped! - I've returned to at least try and get the Visual Communicator badge. I really thought I'd be able to balance this project with my work and hobbies, but I was wrong - I underestimated how long… Continue reading Thing 6: reflective practice


Thing 5: video presentations (or: Caitlin and Powtoon don’t get along)

Hi all! Today's post is about video presentations (or an attempt at them). I was keen on trying Powtoon I'd heard vaguely about it before but had never tried to use it myself. Comic-style animation rather than the usual death by Powerpoint? What could go wrong? A lot, as it turns out. I don't mind… Continue reading Thing 5: video presentations (or: Caitlin and Powtoon don’t get along)


Ely Ely oxen free!

It’s strange writing about my visits retrospectively. I had some notes and half a post drawn up, but just ran out of time before leaving. Rose-tinted glasses firmly on my face, I'm pining for the Chelmsford-Cambridge commute already: dragging myself out of bed at stupid o’clock or missing my alarm entirely; the crammed Tube stations… Continue reading Ely Ely oxen free!


Missing ARU

This blog has been pretty quiet for the past few weeks. I should probably explain why, seeing as I’m about to change the trajectory of this site. Sad news to report: I’m no longer a graduate trainee. I suppose that this day was always coming, and it’s rich of me to call it ‘sad’ given… Continue reading Missing ARU